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What Is Animal-Assisted Therapy?

Depression, loneliness, stress and anxiety threaten the health of our society. Often times, old age and rehabilitation foster the negative emotional, psychological, and physical ailments that can take a damaging toll on our well-being.

While not considered to be a conventional healing method, animal-assisted therapy has proven to increase the health of those in agony and bring comfort to those in need.

The miracles of pet therapy on human health are evident and real.

Pet therapy is gaining credibility in the medical community, particularly as a mood booster for the elderly.

The Perfect Bird Cage For: Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities,
Funeral Homes, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools & Private Homes.

Just some of our quality features:

  • Safety Tempered Glass
  • Large Access Doors With Key Locks
  • Solid Wood, Red Maple or Cherrywood
  • Solid Wood Carvings
  • Birds Can Bathe And Splash Inside The Cage, The Inside Of The Cage Is “Waterproof”
  • Slide Out Stainless Steel Grates And 3” Deep Slide Out Acrylic Pans Make Cleaning A Breeze
  • Drop Down Pan Doors Make Cleaning A Breeze
  • Smaller Feed Doors Cut Into The Glass Make Feeding The Birds A Breeze
  • Plant Shelves And Waterfountain Shelves Keep Everything Off The Bottom Of The Cage
  • You Don't Need An Expensive Maintenance Service, Its Easy, Do It Yourself
  • Furniture Quality Beauty & Styling
  • Unparalleled Safety & Comfort
  • Impeccable Strength & Durability
  • First and ONLY to assemble with NO SCREWS using our TRADEMARK LOCKING JOINT!


Take a look at something new from one of the oldest names in Avian furniture. Our cages are so well-made, so unique, and so well-designed you can't compare them to the rest.

What makes ours different?

You can clean it yourself between our quarterly visits; they are so easy to clean you won't need a maintenance agreement if you don't want one. Pans and grates easily slide out without disturbing the birds. Pans are made of acrylic and grates are made of surgical grated stainless steel, both can be disinfected regularly.

Ours are more sanitary. Why? The whole inside is waterproof, from top to bottom. They are as easily wiped down as your kitchen countertop. The material on the inside is PVC; mold and bacteria cannot grow on it.

The inside of the cage has shelves. Why shelves? You can sit your plants and the waterfall on the shelves; now you can slide the grates and pans out without having to lift them out every time you want to clean the cage.

The front & back have tempered safety glass. We use tempered wherever we can; it is a more upscale product that will not scuff or scratch like acrylics. The end result is an elegant piece of furniture.

The side doors of the cage have smaller feed doors cut into the large access door (one on each end of the cage). These smaller doors allow you to feed the birds and clean the glass with less chance of the birds escaping.

Backgrounds too!! Yes, backgrounds give the cage a more natural realistic garden like appearance... You may be surprised to see the birds hovering and try to land on branches in the backgrounds. They also seem to give the birds some added security.

NEST-CAMS complete the cage. Resident seniors can gather around the big screen to watch the birds nurture and raise their young. A more rewarding and exciting experience for everyone.

There are bird nest, cute little birdhouses, hanging feeders, timed lighting, tree-like perches, vines and flowers; all standard.

Please take a good hard look, then call and ask about our delivery, set-up and maintenance. The closer you look and compare, the better we like it.

This is the new way, a million times better!!!


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